K6JWN -- MultiMode Digital Voice Repeater
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Comparison of Digital Voice Modes

Welcome to the K6JWN Digital Voice (DV) repeater! We are pleased to offer users two digital voice modes who are within RF range of the system.


Our Digital Voice (DV) repeater supports D-STAR and DMR. When idle, the repeater listens for incoming traffic on all 2 modes. Once a given mode like D-STAR is heard, the repeater gives preference to that mode for 20 seconds after a transmission, to preclude another mode from interrupting the QSO.

We recommend, when you are about to key up, first check your radio (S-meter or receive signal strength bars) to see if the repeater is already busy with another mode. It's quick and easy to glance at your radio before first keying up.

Frequency: 442.1875 (+5.0 MHz offset)

Usage Details – including how to send radio commands to connect to reflectors or talkgroups Repeater Info

The K6JWN MultiMode repeater consists of:
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